Register to Participate

If you are a team captain, click on the Start a Team button below to register yourself and create your team. Once your team has been created, you will receive an email with a special link that you must share with your teammates. They must then use that link to register and join your team.

We have made some changes designed to improve New Jersey Audubon's World Series of Birding, so please read through all the materials carefully. For example, we'll have a new app so participants can input their species throughout the day, then submit a final list from their phones. Both The Finish Line and the Awards Brunch will take place at The Grand Hotel, 1045 Ocean Drive, in the main floor Grand Ballroom. Please note that seating is limited so be sure to reserve a spot for the brunch as soon as possible. Also note, changes were made in the Youth Birding Challenge in 2016 and 2017, such as the addition of a Carbon Free Kids category, and geographic limitations set on their Big Day plans depending upon their age level. It has never been more important that you read ALL of the information provided on this website.

If you are a team member, your team captain must invite you to register and join the team. He/she will do so by sending you an email containing the special link that you must use to join your team. If he/she hasn't done so, please ask the captain to register, create the team, and then send you the special link that you must use to join the team.

We strongly encourage everyone to register online. If your team prefers not to register online, you can print a copy of the Team Application Entry Form. For information about registration fees, please refer to the Registration Information & Fees document. If you register online, you will have the option to either pay your registration/brunch fee immediately by credit card or pay later by check.

If you are not paying online, please return the completed Registration/Brunch Fee Payment Form with your payment by April 20th. We can add additional parties to the Awards Brunch until May 6th.

Planning Your Big Day

Here are some classic tips on strategy and planning for the Big Day.