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33rd World Series of Birding - Award Winners

May 14, 2016

URNER STONE CUP (highest number total species) - 190 species

  • Hudson Mohawk Wicked Meadow-Loons: Jackson Mesick, Ian Lynch, Stephen Mesick, William Reaume

STONE AWARD (2nd highest number total species) - 178 species

  • Fly or Die: Larry Scacchetti, Alyssa Della Fave, Daniel Poalillo

STEARNS AWARD (3rd highest number total species) - 170 species

  • 1000birds: Nick Kontonicolas, Marc Chelemer, Robert Hoopes, Ken Walsh

CAPE MAY COUNTY AWARD (highest number total species in Cape May County) - 176 species

  • Cornell Redheads - County: Andrew Dreelin, Menachem Goldstein, Sarah Toner, David Weber, Alex Wiebe

LGA AWARD (highest total par; single county) - 145 species, Bergen County 88% of par value

  • Meadowlands Marsh Hawks: Michael Newhouse, Zachary Batren, Christopher Takacs, Mike Wolfe

CAPE ISLAND CUP (highest number total species south of Cape May Canal) - 164 species

  • Zen Zugunruhe: Dave Hedeen, Glen Davis, Samuel Galick, Tait Johansson

BIG STAY AWARD (highest number total species in a single location) - 120 species

  • FARE of NJ/Chimney Rock Hawk Watch, Chris Aquila, Thomas Almendinger, Gavin Aquila, Robert Blair, Jeff Ellerbusch

SWAROVSKI CARBON FOOTPRINT AWARD (highest number species without motorized vehicle) - 165 species

  • CTT/CMBO Conservation Pedalers: David La Puma, Don Freiday, Tim Freiday, Michael Lanzone, Bill Lynch

FLOYD P. WOLFARTH SENIOR AWARD (highest number total species) - 126 species

  • Limping Limpkins: Daniel Erdely, Diane Erdely, Joseph Gruber


Division A (Grade 1-5 highest number total species) - 126 species

  • Owlets: Austin Tuel, Aubrey Clark, Sarah Ireland, Calla McCluskey, Erin Reynolds

Division B (Grade 6-8 highest number total species) - 154 species

  • YMOS Live and Let Fly: Jack Pearse, Kojo Baidoo, Cameron Darnell, Josie Kalbfleisch

Division C - Pete Dunne Future Leaders in Birding Award - (Grade 9-12 highest number species) - 190 species

  • YMOS Mighty Merlins: John Rice-Cameron, Matthew Addicks, Eli Anders, Sam Miller, Claire Wayner

Division D - Carbon Free Kids - (Grade 6-12 highest number species without motorized vehicle) - 103 species

  • Eaglets: Maya McGrory, Faith McCarthy, Miele McCluskey, Gavin Wright, Ryley Wright

Cumulative Species Total: 251

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