Fightin' Femelschlagers

New Jersey Audubon is New Jersey’s premier conservation organization and the State’s leader in environmental stewardship. The New Jersey Audubon Stewardship Department hopes you will join us in our efforts to restore and conserve our natural resources and landscapes for future generations by supporting our team in the World series of Birding.

From coastal beach restoration to sustainable ecological forestry, from innovative conservation and ecological service projects on NJ farmland to the translocation and re-establishment of wild Bobwhite Quail to the NJ Pinelands, the NJA Stewardship Department’s conservation projects address critical issues for our region and serve as models nationally because our work is the “gold standard” in bringing farmers, private landowners, local government and businesses together to conserve and restore critical habitat for wildlife and protect NJ’s natural resources!

Conservation knows no state borders - what we do in NJ impacts the surrounding states and many species.

Make a difference; your support of the Stewardship Department directly supports our efforts to create and maintain healthy habitat for all wildlife species in NJ, not just the birds.  So please consider making a tax-deductible donation to ensure that the NJA Stewardship Department can reach and exceed our goals in the coming years. Thank you!

The NJA Stewardship Department Team would also like to thank our team sponsors, Hudson FarmErnst Conservation SeedsSouth Jersey GasIngenuity Sun Media and Eagle Optics for their generous support for our work to restore, enhance and maintain critical wildlife habitat and our natural heritage!

So what is a Femelschlag?  “Femelschlag”, is a German term for a forest management practice that is designed to emulate natural disturbance patterns and encourage tree species diversity in multiple-age classes, thereby enhancing ecosystem services and complexity. (A lot of our sustainable forestry work for various rare species involves this management practice here in NJ)  #Femelschlag

Funds raised: $34,813 of $25,000


Thank you donors
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Go Brittany! Go Kristen! Go Femelschlagers! What a great name!!
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Keep on Fightin'
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Trout Scapes River Restoration : $100
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frances Cornett : $50
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