Wandering Tattlers

Welcome to the Wandering Tattlers fundraising page! We are New Jersey Audubon’s official Board of Directors team.

We invite you to make a gift to our cause as we endeavor to reach new heights of birding excellence - all in the name of supporting NJ Audubon's mission of connecting people with nature and stewarding the nature of today for the people of tomorrow. Although the Wandering Tattlers participate as a non-competing Level 2 team, we take our role as the board team seriously.

As many teams will, the board team will rise at the crack of dawn on May 6th. Led by legendary birder, Pete Dunne, and our former board chair, Mark Levy (a dedicated and talented birder himself), the Wandering Tattlers will push their stamina to the extreme throughout the day to advance New Jersey Audubon’s conservation efforts! The team will travel Cape May County and visit key conservation, restoration, and bird-banding sites in support of New Jersey Audubon’s efforts in those fields.

Thank you for considering a gift to our team!

Funds raised: $27,163 of $30,000


Thank you donors
Dana Pogorzelski : $500
Go Us!
Guy Moody : $122
Ann Lawrence : $244
Ken and Linda Kayser : $100
Elena Goldthwaite : $122
Amanda Goodwin : $50
Merideth Mueller : $1,000
Richard Kauffeld : $1,000
Linda & Manny Rey : $200
Patricia Riedl : $200
Thanks to the NJ Audubon's efforts to sustain our bird population.
Judy Louie : $125
MaryJane Boland : $150
Your wonderful report of the day definitely deserves a contribution!
Joseph Riopel : $100
Belinda Luscinskas : $225
Congrats on a job well done! Lin and Bill
melissa muilenburg : $100
Jeffrey Jaskol : $250
Julia Luscinskas
Lisa Gulley
Great work!
Cindy and Steve Lessick : $100
Dana - You go, girl!
Anonymous : $250
Joanne Penn : $500
Good Luck Diane!
Matthew/Loretta Adler
Kwamena Baidoo : $250
Great job Diane. Go Louie contingent!!!
Tertia Moore : $50
Sally Louie : $500
Thanks to friends who donated-It's for the birds!
Gena Pogorzelski
Joanne Penn : $200
Go Sally!
Michael Lubin : $400
Good luck!
Seth Minsk : $50
Isobel Wayrick : $300
Joanne Penn : $200
So Happy to support Betsy's 1st foray into birding
Cesare Mainardi
Charles Maffei : $150
Anything for Giuseppe Grillo!!!
Viera Muzithras
Charles Shapiro : $100
Good Luck!
Eric Stiles : $200
Thanks to co captains Mark Levy and Pete Dunne
John Kauffeld
John Maxwell : $500
Rich, Good luck to you and "The Wandering Tattlers" team. I know that Anita will create an amazing dinner experience for everyone. Have fun! John & Terry Maxwell
Dorothy Clair : $250
So sorry to miss being with with you.
John Bloomfield : $500
Sorry to miss this year's event but I am cheering you on!
Diane Louie : $1,000
So looking forward to Survivor: WSB 2017 edition!
Paul Rothenberg : $500
Good Birding!
Allison Guzman : $250
Good Luck!
Jennifer Danis : $250
Go Wandering Tattlers!!!!
Charles West : $250
Good Luck & Good Looks!
Robert Parisi : $50
Karen Frisch-DeRosa : $100
Go Carlos! We are counting on you!
William Dunscombe
Keep an eagle eye out for all of those birdies
Arlene Katz
Brett Morganelli
Denise Calvo : $200
Go Tattlers!!
Gretchen Trout
Carlos Langezaal : $250
Laila Almeida
I'm counting on Dana to count!
Kath & Edward Sagendorf : $50
Go Ash & the Wandering Tattlers!
allen greenberg : $200
the beauty of nature so enhances our lives.
Anonymous : $360
Robert Fitzpatrick : $100
Good luck to all the Tattlers. We hope you get 126! Rob & Bonnie Fitzpatrick
Patricia Larson : $50
MaryAnn Bozzo : $125
Jane Conway : $100
Thank god for people like you.
Charles M Chapin : $125
Diane Quinn : $125
Tim Willke : $500
Go Dana!
Stephen Orzo
Good luck!
Jaclyn and Matthew Pennella : $200
Wandering Tattlers!! We love you Ash!!
Ashley Rey : $1,000
Team Members
Rich Kauffeld
Carlos Langezaal
Mark Levy
Diane Louie
Sally Louie
Merideth Mueller
Betsy Penn
Joanne Penn
Dana Pogorzelski