Sandy Hook Century Run

Thank you for visiting our team page. Veteran associate naturalists Linda Mack, Carole Hughes, and me truly enjoy spending the entire day of New Jersey Audubon's World Series of Birding tromping around Sandy Hook, scouring its varied habitats that always offer a wide composition of birds, from waterbirds through raptors & shorebirds to nesting & migrant songbirds.  Weather plays a critical role in the day's species total, so it's hard to estimate how many birds we'll tally (we've had as low as 70 due to hard rain and fog, to highs in the low 140's). Our average is generally around 120-125 species. 

We love the hook, and look forward to seeing many familiar faces and hope to see some new ones. Keep your fingers crossed for good winds and weather!

One behalf of my co-leaders Linda Mack and Carole Hughes, thank you very much for your support of New Jersey Audubon's All Things Birds.


Funds raised: $9,213 of $8,500


Thank you donors
Susanna Treesh : $125
Donna Schulman : $125
Doreen Jorgensen : $125
Heidi Petri : $112
Adam D'Onofrio : $112
Larry Wehr : $448
Linda Stehlik
John McCarthy
Heidi Petri : $150
John and Bonnie Strand
david larsen : $125
Stephanie Seymour : $140
Susan Smith
Congrats to a great Team!
Carole Hughes
Peter Kwiatek : $150
Mitch Erickson : $250
Fun day. Great camaraderie. Hate the death march. Worthy cause!
Kevin McCarthy
Robert Auster : $150
Mary Wood : $500
Here's to a good day - for you and the birds!
Mike Hiotis : $625
Linda Mack
Ann and Alan Bernstein
Wishing you lots of birds,good weather and a fun day
Michael Blasenheim : $200
Alan Mart : $250
Joann Lambiase : $350
Can't wait to join you this year!
Dorie cappiello : $250
Keri Green
Crush the day!!
John Workman
Trina Anderson : $200
Team Members
Scott Barnes
David Bernstein
Michael Blasenheim
Dorie Cappiello
Bob Devlin
Elzbieta Harding
Carole Hughes
Peter Kwiatek
David Larsen
Linda Mack
Alan Mart
John McCarthy
Heidi Petri
Donna Schulman
Stephanie Seymour
Linda Stehlik
Florence Swanstrm
Susanna Treesh
John Workman