CMBO Monarchists

The 34th annual World Series of Birding will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The CMBO Monarchists team will return for our sixth year. Again we will compete in two categories, eligible for the Carbon Footprint Award (no motor vehicles) and for the Cape Island Cup (searching only on Cape Island, the area south of the Cape May Canal). We had been on a winning streak, earning the Carbon Footprint Award in 2013 and 2014 and the Cape Island Cup in 2012, but luck wasn’t with us in 2015, when we ended up finding just 111 species. We did much better in 2016, with 145, but competition was fierce and we didn’t win.

Most importantly, however, we raise funds for the Cape May Monarch Monitoring Project, a research and education project of the New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory. The Monarchists team will be veteransfrom the last few years, with Louise Zemaitis (Captain), Meghan Walker Hedeen, and Michael O’Brien. Longtime team members Lu Ann Daniels and Mark Garland will each miss the event this year, but each will still help with the fundraising effort. We are fortunate to have many other helpers.

The World Series of Birding is a friendly bird-finding competition that takes place each May in New Jersey. The Carbon Footprint category is in just its ninth year, and the award is given to the team that finds the most birds without using a motor vehicle. Our team will walk and ride bicycles around Cape May, hoping for a day when migrants are abundant. While it’s not part of the formal competition, we also count the number of butterfly species we find. Sponsors can choose to pledge for butterflies and/or birds.

Once again this year donors have the option to make pledges online. Please click on the "donate now" button to make your pledge or send a direct contribution.  You can also do it the old-fashioned way by sending a check, payable to NJ Audubon, to Mark Garland at PO Box 154, Cape May Point, NJ  08212.

We are hoping to find more than 120 species of birds by sight or by sound around Cape May on May 6, plus 10 or more species of butterflies. Think we can do it? Check this site after the event for the results.

Funds raised: $4,171 of $10,000


Thank you donors
Marianne Hosford : $50
Have a great time !!
Charles Slugg : $200
Karen Hammeran : $125
Philip Eager : $250
Good luck to the team! A fun (and sustainable) way to count birds for a good cause! - Mimi and Phil
Frank Boyle : $81
Go Monarchists!
Barbara Gordon : $100
John Whitaker
Wendy Fredericks & John Whitaker
Anonymous : $50
Seth Benz : $25
Every little bit helps, I hope.
Karen Thompson : $500
Good luck to the Monarchists!
marti Seraphin
Karen D'Ambrosio
Katharine & John Patterson : $125
Go Monarchists!
Rebecca Allmond : $100
Maureen Gianinio : $25
Ana Arguelles
Pearl Marks : $200
Mark England
Mary Ann Toscano : $50
Paul Pisano
Good luck!
David Wizer
Diane Tassey
Anne Harlan : $50
Jay Nichols : $50
Dutton Foster : $50
Patricia Nastase : $100
Keith Parker : $125
$1 per bird and butterfly
Jackie Parker : $125
$1 per bird and butterfly
William Schuhl : $200
Bob McClennen : $125
$100 per bird and butterfly rounded up to nearest $10.00
Bennett Werner
Michelle Uhl and Ben Werner support the CMBO Monarchists.
Chris Hajduk : $125
Buck a bird or butterfly. No diptera.
Jim and Teresa Knipper : $200
Kim Beard : $100
Kathleen Horn : $50
Roger Horn : $50
Team Members
Meghan Hedeen
Michael O'Brien
Louise Zemaitis