LBIF Ospreys

Thank you for visiting our team page. We are happy to be participating in New Jersey Audubon's World Series of Birding. Please pledge your donation to the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences Donate Here

As LBIF Science Saturdays co-chair I am excited to be raising funds and awareness for LBIF. We will be competing as a Level 1 Team Limited Geographic Area (LGA) birding Ocean County, NJ only.  Our goal is 150 different species of birds which is 84% of the county's par of 179 species.

BIG thanks to those that have donated so far:

Cole Elsasser  (not even two years old!)

Chambliss Marine

Creekside Outfitters

Fishermans Headquarters

Lacey Marine

Josh's Pet Agree

A Little Bite of Italy, LBI - thanks for feeding the team!

Todd Ebner

Kai Clatts

Bob Leifeste

Ernest Dellheim

Larry Switaj

Everett McNulty

Jack Shea

Dave Werner

Dereck Bonk

John Germanno

Michelle Johns

Rick Bushnell

Sue Lamella

Team Members
Grace Brescia
Alexander Majewski
Brian Vernachio
Rebecca Vernachio