Lake McCormack Loon-atics

Our Associate Naturalist Arlene Orley used to say,” [The World Series of Birding] is an opportunity to have a wonderful day out with a bunch of like minded lunatics indulging a shared obsession with birds!.“ Sadly, Arlene lost her battle with cancer a few months ago. Our WSB teams are birding in her honor this year, and our Big Stay team is now re-named the McCormick Lake Loon-atics, a twist on her quote and because of our Common and Red Throated Loon winter visitors.

Arlene loved birding, NJ Audubon, and the Plainsboro Preserve. Supporting our team helps to introduce new generations to the fun of getting out in nature to watch birds, hike trails, geocache, and much more; involve more people in our goals of connecting people to nature and steward the nature of today for the people of tomorrow; and provide the essential financial support we need to maintain our wildlife sanctuary and conduct critically important programs in Conservation and Environmental Education.

Join our Big Stay Team on Saturday, May 6, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We will “camp out” under a shady canopy on the back deck, staying within a 15’ radius with a view of the lake, woods, open ground, sky over the lake (think eagles and osprey) and our bird feeding station. We hope to see at least 40 species from our vantage point. Come join us as part of the team by emailing or come by just to see what we are seeing!

Funds raised: $250 of $500


Thank you donors
Mary Wood : $200
nancy Fiske : $50
Fingers crossed for eagles and osprey!
Team Members
Nancy Fiske
Travis Hill