Early Birders of Plainsboro Preserve

The Early Birders of Plainsboro Preserve is club of about 5 children ages 7-13 run out of the Plainsboro Preserve. 

We meet every weekend to learn about how to become a better birder! Sometimes we look at our collection of study skins and work on our sketching skills, other days we are out on the Preserve- spotting scope and binoculars in hand- looking for birds.  We have seen Kingfishers, Northern Flickers, and even Bald Eagles!

We are looking forward to participating in our first World Series of Birding as a NJ Audubon ambassador team raising money to benefit the Plainsboro Preserve. We hope to see a whole bunch of new birds as we explore Central New Jersey.

Thanks for you support!

Funds raised: $120 of $500


Thank you donors
Mary Wood : $100
Go Early Birders! Great to support young birdwatchers.
Team Members
Anna Wright-Piersanti