The Raccoon Ridge Raptors


The calendar says it's just about May, and you know what that's almost time for The Raccoon Ridge Raptors to make their appearance at this year's World Series of Birding!

The big event will be held on Saturday May 6th, from midnight to midnight, and as usual your beloved Raptors will be cruising Old Mine Road in the Delaware Water Gap on our bikes (as well as on foot) in pursuit of avian treasure and a respectable finish in the Swarovski Carbon Footprint Challenge category of this prestigious event. As you may already know, only teams willing to forgo the use of any and all motorized forms of transportation are eligible to participate in this division.

As always, we are raising money for The Raptor Trust - click here to donate now! - and our team has four participants:  long-time members Stephen Bagen, Maura Griffin and Scott Wood, and this year we are delighted to introduce our newest teammate (and World Series of Birding "rookie") Chris Soucy...who just happens to be the Director of The Raptor Trust!

So please give generously, if you are already familiar with The Raptor Trust and the great work that they do, you will already know that they are a unique and wonderful organization. For more information on The Raptor Trust, please click here.

As always, on behalf of The Raptor Trust, the Raccoon Ridge Raptors would like to thank you for your ongoing support!

Team Members
Stephen Bagen
Maura Griffin
Chris Soucy
Scott Wood