The Meadowlands Marsh Hawks

The Meadowlands Marsh Hawks are back to defend their title as top Limited Geographic Area competitor! It's a very exciting time of the year for any birder, but especially for Marsh Hawks as we get to explore the hidden gems of Bergen County, that many don't get to experience. On May 6th, for 24 hours straight, in solely Bergen County, we will be identifying as many bird species as possible through sight or sound. Hopefully, with the perfect mix of migration, identification skills, and frankly... some dumb luck... we will come out on top with the most species seen again in 2017!

For the last two years our team has been helping to raise money for the amazing Citizen Science  team of New Jersey Audubon and their efforts to research Great Egrets. Especially, an Great Egret named Edward who was named after E.O. Wilson by Ian Garrison who is a citizen scientist, volunteer, and former intern of NJAS.

Edward the Egret” is back in the New Jersey/New York Metropolitan area once again. Edward safely landed in Hoffman Island in Staten Island, where he has bred for the last two years, in April, and is now spending his time hanging around the Arthur Kill. He’s an urban bird, who breeds in the New York-New Jersey harbor, and that is where he feels most at home.But New Jersey Audubon can tell you, with 100 percent pinpoint accuracy, that Edward also likes to head down to Hilton Head, S.C. for parts of the winter, and has some favorite towns he makes sure to visit.

We know this because we caught Edward in June of 2015, placed a transmitter on him and are now using GPS and a solar-powered device to track him wherever he goes for the rest of his life.Every day, New Jersey Audubon gets texts from Edward’s transmitter, at 11 a.m., 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., letting us know where he is. His route is easily viewable to the public through or at

New Jersey Audubon is collaborating and sharing data with researchers in New York City and North Carolina, as they study habitat use, focusing on conservation.We want to know the habitat needs of these egrets need at all stages of their lives.We are sharing and comparing our data from Edward with a larger set of birds tagged in the same way; tracking what they do and comparing their patterns.

The Meadowlands Marsh Hawks's goal is to help raise funds to keep this project running strong and follow Edward for another year. Please help us fund raise to continue to pay for Edward’s cell data and texting bill!

Thank you so much for visiting our team page and showing your support.

The Meadowlands Marsh Hawks

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