Seaside Sparrows

Hello all!  The Seaside Sparrows debuted in 2012, took a break in 2015, and came back strong in 2016.  Every year we've improved our numbers and we hope to continue that streak, even though this year we must factor in some toe repair and a knee replacement.  We're still game for birds and are thrilled that so many of you are supporting our team with hard-earned dollars.  Last year in our category -- "New Jersey Audubon Ambassadors" -- we came in fourth with 118 species.  But in fundraising, among the non-sponsored teams in our category, we came in FIRST with a total of $4,517.  Fingers crossed that we do it again!  

Funds raised: $6,305 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Anonymous : $50
Anonymous : $25
Lenore Bowne : $100
Bruce Robertson : $50
The Sparrows are flying high!! Krone it up team
David Schmittou : $50
Karen Fung : $110
Anonymous : $100
karen kalaway : $110
Hurrah for spotting so many birds. I am not an avid follower of BBC 'tweet of day' so I can come next year and help hahaha
Caryn Jacobs : $210
Go, team!
Lucinda Ballantyne : $60
Joyce Strachan
Congratulations on a great list on a less than stellar weather wise day.
Barbara Brummer : $300
James Wolcott : $300
Congratulations to the Seaside Sparrows from an interested bystander on the back porch... Jim
Julie Donaldson : $200
Deborah Payson
Go Sparrows!!
Dottie and Harlow Pearson : $50
Look out for turkeys!!
Laura Jacobs
Doctor Bob : $50
Elizabeth Van Vleck
Here's to a wonderful day!
Charles Slugg : $500
Anita vanHeeswyk : $100
Joe & Selma Pastor : $100
Wishing you a day beyond expectations!
Robert Paxton : $50
Helen Bickell
Carolyn Seidle
Kenneth Micetich : $350
In honor of Laura and the rest of the Seaside Sparrows. Thank you for your efforts. Have fun. Ken and George and Aunt Helen
Susan Martini : $125
Good luck with your keen eyes and passion for conservation.
Team Members
robert hall
Laura Jacobs
Emelia Oleson
Deborah Payson
Chuck Slugg
Mary Jane Slugg