CU Fish Hawks

Well, it's that time again! The CU FISH HAWKS have come together to raise monies for conservation, education, advocacy and research! And, of course, AVIAN STUDIES! All proceeds go to CU Maurice River.

This year, the team consists of Mary Watkins, Tony Klock, Kathy Michel and Karen Williams... exceptional birders, all. .. and so much fun to spend hours together,  seeking, searching, listening (and snacking!) to find as many different species as possible within the 24-hour period, starting at 1200 AM on May 12th.

Please consider pledging to support this important work! Any amount is appreciated,  and you can give a flat amount, or take a chance and pledge per species... 10, 20, 25 , 50 cents... even $1 per species! We have found between 130-140 in recent years... we strive for 150!

Here is the link to donate. Choose Join/Donate, then fill in your amount. Please indicate WSB and the name of the team member of your choice.  And thanks so much in advance!

Team Members
tony klock
Kathryn Michel
Mary Watkins
Karen Williams