CMBO Century Run

The CMBO Century Run team has now reached participant capacity.  Thank you for your interest - please consider supporting the team by making a donation or starting your own team to support wildlife conservation!

Welcome to the CMBO Century Run team page! We are once again participating in the annual World Series of Birding, now celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Our team focuses on exploring the popular birding areas of Cape May County, counting as many species as possible in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Travel between destinations is by bus. We start our day at 5:00 am and finish around 10:00 pm. Please join Program Director Brett Ewald and Clay Taylor of Swarovski Optik for a fun-filled day of birding to help our conservation efforts; no need to worry about your birding skill level, as all are welcome

The CMBO Century Run team is a level II team, so there is no registration fee required. However, by joining our team, you commit to raise $1 per bird species counted. Our goal this year is 140 species! Please help us reach our goal of $5000.

We hope to see you in the field!

All photos courtesy of Clay Taylor of Swarovski Optik

Funds raised: $7,596 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Diane Cornell : $288
Bob McClennen : $144
Shawn Galdeen : $72
Todd Klein : $288
Carl Rigney : $187
Mack McCormack : $144
Leigh McBride : $144
Al Wesolowsky : $288
Karen Hammeran : $144
Noah Lovitz-Wolfson : $36
Karen Thompson : $500
Willard Dillon : $200
Markian Jaworsky : $300
Gretchen Landenburger : $75
Roberta Ferro : $150
Christine Dewage : $150
Gerard Dewaghe : $150
Stephen Croghan : $135
On behalf of the Horns - I would like Three Bridges Wealth Advisors to show on fundraising page
Linda Rogala : $100
Roger Horn : $50
In honor of my new granddaughter! Valentine Jane.
Have a great adventure!!
Renee Fusco : $50
Robert Richmond : $50
Alida Ammon : $20
Stephanie Brown : $34
Looks like a success already!
Susan Sevcik : $25
Mark and Mary Van Kooy : $500
Good Luck
Thomas Crock : $150
Dana Crock : $150
April Adams : $150
Good luck Patti, Tom & Dana!! It looks like you should have beautiful weather. :)
David Nixon : $50
Kathleen Horn : $150
Looking forward to birding all day with friends for a great cause!
Bill Boyle : $250
Patti Domm : $200
Mary Lodge : $50
Roger and Kathy Horn, I will always support your amazing efforts to raise money for World Series of Birding!
Joan Robertson : $25
Good luck and have fun, Roberta!
Martin Miller : $135
(Recruited by Todd Klein!)
Joanne Andreatch
Good luck, have fun, and see all kinds of birds!!!
Shayne Russell : $50
Good birding, Todd Klein and Century Run Team! Will be following along and rooting for you online!
Cindy Ferguson : $100
May the birds be with us!
Marian Kerr : $200
To Dana Tom and Patti, Here is to good luck and great weather! Marian and Wallace
Noel Adams : $135
Elin Landenburger : $100
What do you think about naming your group the Cape May Point Buffleheads. Now there's a name :-). Lots of luck!
jon lanenburger : $100
Explain to me the meaning of "Century Run" . I at first thought this was some extreme event
Max Lovitz-Wolfson
Good luck! Love, Max
Virginia Lovitz : $50
Kathryn Elia : $100
Roger Horn : $150
Team Members
Dana Crock
Thomas Crock
Christine Dewaghe
Gerard Dewaghe
Roger Dillon
Patti Domm
Brett Ewald
Cindy Ferguson
Roberta Ferro
Gary Goldstein
Kathy Horn
Roger Horn
Cindy Jaworsky
Markian Jaworsky
Todd Klein
Evelyn Lovitz
Leigh McBride
Michael McCabe
Mack McCormack
Jessica Schera-Scullion
Karen Thompson
Mark Van Kooy
Mary Van Kooy