Sandy Hook Century Run

Thanks for visiting the Sandy Hook Century Run team page. Linda Mack, Carole Hughes, and I look forward to spending a full day at the peak of spring migration scouring the hook's varied habitats in search of every bird we can find, raising money for NJ Audubon/All Things Birds!

We started the century run at the hook more than  20 years ago, and still enjoy doing it. Over the years, we've a great number of rarities in addition to some excellent migration days. Some of the more unusual birds encountered include Anhinga, King Eider, Mississippi Kite, Wilson's Plover, Little Gull, Roseate Tern, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Philadelphia Vireo, and Prothonotary Warbler. 

Funds raised: $8,292 of $8,000


Thank you donors
Bonnie Strand : $1,230
David Larsen : $123
Adam D’Onofrio : $123
Robert Auster : $246
Larry Wehr : $615
Ankita Raut : $150
Marylou Norman : $50
Joann Lambiase : $350
Tracey Price : $375
Great job everybody! We had a lot of fun! Thanks!
Patricia Dexter : $125
Heidi Petri : $125
Lois Ferguson : $125
Doryce Wheeler : $125
John McCarthy : $150
Anonymous : $120
Anonymous : $100
Shirley Ng : $500
Caroline Huber : $240
Michael Hiotis : $600
Hope the team sets a new record
Mary Wood : $500
Wishing you good weather and lots of birds!
Carole Hughes : $500
Michael Blasenhei : $250
Christopher Magarelli : $5
Stephanie Seymour : $150
Mitch Erickson : $250
Rob Fanning : $150
Lisa Ann Fanning : $150
Dorie Cappiello : $240
Eleanor Swanson : $200
I'm in. Always a fun event.
Team Members
Robert Auster
Scott Barnes
Michael Blasenheim
Colette Buchanan
Doris Cappiello
Georgia Dempster
Robert Devlin
Patricia Dexter
Lisa Ann Fanning
Rob Fanning
Lois Ferguson
Elzbieta Harding
John A Holinka
Carole Hughes
Doreen Jorgensen
David Larsen
Linda Mack
John McCarthy
Shirley Ng
Ankita Raut
Donna Schulman
Stephanie Seymour
Eleanor Swanson
Florence Swanstrom
Susanna Treesh
Doryce Wheeler