MCAS Cheep Trills

Support team “Cheep Trills” to support MCAS's scholarship program

At midnight on Saturday, May 12, three birders will take to Monmouth County's fields, forests, swamps and beaches looking for birds in New Jersey's largest birding competition -- and they need your  support.

May 12 is the date of the 35th annual NJ Audubon World Series of Birding. The objective for the 70-plus competing teams is to identify as many different species of birds as possible within the boundaries of the state of New Jersey. While it may sound like a game, Many national and international conservation organizations use this event as a primary source of raising funds for their survival.

Our MCAS team, "Cheep Trills," takes it verrry seriously, too. This is  Monmouth County Audubon's only fundraiser, and finding the most birds is how the team hopes to raise as much money as possible. It's the team's 23rd year participating in this event on behalf of MCAS!

"The Monmouth County Audubon Society sponsors programs that we're proud to support," explains team founder Dena Temple. "We've started a  scholarship program for Monmouth County's future conservationists and naturalists. Part of the organization's mission is to teach the love and respect for nature to tomorrow's leaders, and this is a worthwhile way to do that."

Anatomy of a Big Day

MCAS team Cheep Trills will start their Big Day waiting for the stroke of midnight somewhere in the marshes of Monmouth County. After listening for the hoots and howls of nocturnal birds, the team will move to a spot that promises lots of songbirds, which sing most frequently at dawn. As the sun rises high overhead, the team will ply the beaches and salt marshes for shorebirds, less prone than songbirds to hide from the heat of the day. As dusk approaches, they will head back to the woods for one last chance for songsters – then it’s back to the marsh for any missed nocturnals.

The team needs you behind them!

Please support MCAS Team Cheep Trills by making a  pledge. Challenge them by basing your pledge on the number of birds they find! Better yet, ask your friends and co-workers to sponsor the team, too. A pledge sheet can be downloaded using the link on the team's pledge page.

After the competition, sponsors receive an exclusive diary of the day (not available anywhere else), along with a list of the species found.

Donations can made through our  Online Pledge Form. We appreciate your help!

Team Members
Debra Stewart
Dena Temple
John Temple