Plainsboro Preserve's Early Bird Club

The Early Bird club is a group of bird-crazy kids led by their equally bird brained teacher Ms. Anna.  We have met every Saturday morning in April and a bit in March to learn more about the birds all around us. From practicing our binocular skills, to learning the calls of our familiar birds, this club is a new adventure every week!

On May 12th we will be going off site from the preserve to find as many birds as we can in a few hours. 

Wish us luck by donating a few dollars to support the NJ Audubon center that we love, the Plainsboro Preserve!

Funds raised: $155 of $500


Thank you donors
FHS "68" Friends Forever : $25
Jim and Carol Applegate : $50
Good birding
Gary and Linda Rapp : $50
Nancy Fiske : $25
Great team! I hope you bear last year's record!
Christopher Magarelli : $5
Team Members
Dominica Babriecki
Elizabeth Babriecki
Anna Hill