Plainsboro Preserve's Lake McCormack Loons

Our Big Stay team are birders, birdwatchers, and those who like to enjoy a day with nature while staying put!  Big Stay teams stay within a 16" radius circle while still trying to see as many species as possible.  If a comfortable chair, shade from a canopy, easy access to snacks and cold drinks, and lots of birds sounds like your style, come join us.  

With a field, woods, the lake, our feeder station, and the open sky, we can get everything from hummingbirds to eagles and ospreys.  Our goal is to see more than 50 species from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  So, come on and STAY a while with us.

Funds raised: $500 of $500


Thank you donors
Vanessa Blowe
Jim and Carol Applegate : $50
Don't miss the elegant trogon!
Shari Nadell
Go Big Stay Team!
Gary and Linda Rapp : $50
Nancy Fiske : $25
I plan to have a great day with our team!
Mary Wood : $200
Team Members
Nancy Fiske
Travis Hill
Shari-Beth Nadell