Seaside Sparrows

Thank you for visiting our team page. We are happy to be participating in New Jersey Audubon's World Series of Birding. Our team is composed of four active birders and one team "mom" who feeds them. Chuck, the team captain, is an Associate Naturalist with CMBO. The rest of the team birds in Cape May, NYC, Vermont, and wherever they find themselves. All enjoy the thrill of finding both familiar and "life" birds and are avid conservation advocates. Thank you for donating to our cause.

Funds raised: $4,149 of $4,000


Thank you donors
Ellen Jaegersen : $119
Trish Hamilton : $25
Amy Cantor : $100
Laura Jacobs : $50
Hey Sparrows, you did GREAT! Love Laura and Jim
Thomas Maye : $50
Sandy Rosenberg : $20
Have a great time with the birdies! xo
edward w franklin : $200
enjoy a fabulous weekend of birding!
Janice Daley : $50
isabelle neary : $25
Dan & Lee Anne Simmler : $100
Anita vanHeeswyk : $100
Patty Rourke : $25
Hope the Seaside Sparrow sings for you. Enjoy the day!
Robert Bradley : $50
Audrey Brown
Have a great time, Sparrows!
Sherri Simpson : $50
Ellen Newhouse
I never realized you're a birder. Good for you, David!
Jane Jaegersen
Laura Jacobs : $300
GO TEAM!!! Love Laura and Jim
Barb& Erich Glanz : $50
Pam Wissore : $50
I am donating for David Schmittou
Barbara Gordon : $100
Daisy Ciuzio : $40
have a great big day!
Thomas Sakiyama : $50
Jim and Ellen Morley : $100
tweet, tweet!
Joe & Selma Pastor : $200
We wish you another successful year!
janet carduff : $25
Go Seaside Sparrows!
Carolyn Seidle
Go Seaside Sparrows!
Helen Bickell : $150
Team Members
robert Hall
Emelia Oleson
David Schmittou
Chuck Slugg
Mary Jane Slugg