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Ridin' birdy Team Page
Team Members
anthony Croasdale
Bull Gervasi
Jonathan Feenstra
Matthew Halley
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Wetlands Institute. Bull Gervasi, Tony Croasdale, Matt Halley, Casey Thomas

Ridin' Birdy is proud to be defending co-champions (tied for 1st) in the 2016 World Series of Birding Carbon Footprint Cup. We also took first place in 2009, the first year of the Carbon Footprint Cup. This year we will be raising money for BirdPhilly. This program is  a partnership of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. Its mission is to promote birding within the city limits of Philadelphia. 

We will be using bicycles to cover 85+ miles Cumberland and Cape May Counties in 24 hours. From barred owls calling in the cedar swamps of Belleplain State Forest to royal terns fishing in the rips off Cape May Point, our route will take us through a diversity of habitats. 

Donate here: http://www.dvoc.org/WSB/WSB2016/index.htm

Ridin' Birdy on Birding Adventures TV




Won the first Carbon Footprint Cup. Tony Croasdale, Matt Halley, Dan Kobza, Bull Gervasi

At Alexander Ave, Cape May doing some sea watching. The team this year was Andy Bernick. Bod Fogg, Jon Feenstra, Matt Halley. Tony Croasdale, Dan Kobza, with Josh Robeson as mechanic

Tony Croasdale, team captain

Matt Halley, team crooner

Bull, team mechanic and nutritionist

Jon Feenstra, Western Vagrant

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