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Cape May Bird Observatory Century Run Team Page
Help us reach our team goal:

$5,140 raised so far,   $4,860 to go!

Make a Pledge
Your can pledge per-species (we expect 115 species) or a fixed amount.
Team Members
Brian Moscatello
Barry Hershfeld
Bert Hixon
Clay Taylor
Dana Crock
Deborah Rapp
Gary Goldstein
Howard Erichson
Hugh David Fleischmann
Karl Lukens
Kathy Horn
Kay Regester
Keith talbot
kevin buckley
kyle chelius
Lori talbot
Patti Domm
risa coscia
Roberta Ferro
Roger Dillon
Roger Horn
sam coscia
Sarah McCarty
Sarah Powell
Steven Rodan
Todd Klein
Tom Crock
Wesley Vesterby
Donor Roll
Karen Thompson

Hugh Fleischmann

Bert Hixon

Anna & JUlie Crock

jon landenburger

Constance Campanella

Leigh McBride

Shari Rosenbloom


Mary Lodge

Margi Palmer

Sue Schafer

Elin Landenburger

Christine Adams

Donald Pinner

Deborah Orchowski

Susan Sevcik

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The CMBO Century Run team seeks out Summer Tanager!

NOTE: Registration for the CMBO Century Run is closed. We're at the limit of our capacity and cannot accept additional participants. You can still make a difference by making a pledge or donation in support of the team. Your gift will allow us to continue our mission of research, education, and training the conservation leaders of tomorrow.

The Cape May Bird Observatory Century Run team is a great way to raise money for CMBO and to see and hear lots of birds in a fun, stress-free environment! We ride together in a "magic bus", we don't get up too early (planning on a 5:00 a.m. start), and we don't travel too far (Cape May County only), but because of the rich bird diversity in and around Cape May County we still manage to see a whole lot of birds!

This group is great for all people, from beginning birders to seasoned veterans. The name of the game here is FUNDRAISING with an emphasis on the F-U-N !!

This year's team captain is Brian Moscatello, so for more information please email Brian at brian.moscatello@njaudubon.org.

Not-so-fine print: all Century Run participants are expected to raise or donate at least $1 per species of bird. That amounts to roughly $115 per participant. Our 2016 team goal is $10,000 so we hope you'll help us meet and exceed our goal this year!  All funds raised go to support our migration monitoring efforts, our conservation leadership training, and our public outreach.

UPDATE: The 2016 Century Run Team has received $6,894 in donations so far, with $1,197 in outstanding pledges! MANY THANKS to our generous team members and their supporters!

In addition to the online donations shown in the "Donor Roll", the following donations have been received by check:

April Adams & Dinkel S. Bhatia, $268

Alida Ammon, $20

Jody Andreatch, $70

Bella Vida Cafe, $234

Kevin Buckley, $200

Cape Island Home & Gardens, $134

Cape May Market, $134

Kyle Chelius, $134

Sam & Risa Coscia, $230

Dana & Tom Crock, $267

Steve Croghan, $133

Susan Daigle-Leach, $34

Roger Dillon, $268

Patti Domm, $310

Roberta Ferro, $150

Gary Goldstein, $150

Shawn Guldeen, $67

Marie Kassai, $30

Kilkenny House / O'Donovan's Pub, $100

Todd Klein, $134

Karl Lukens, $134

Martin B. Miller, $134

Martha & Ron Nash, $25

Carl Rigney, $147

Swain's Hardware, $250

Al B. Wesolowsky, $134

Red-headed Woodpecker - What a gorgeous find!

Will we score a Canada Warbler this year?

Feeding the team! We work hard for the birds- so quality foraging during our Century Run is a must!

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