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Rusty Bird Brains Team Page
Help us reach our team goal:

$195 raised so far,   $305 to go!

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Your can pledge per-species (we expect 140 species) or a fixed amount.
Team Members
Katherine Wydner
Fran Raleigh
Julia Druce
Nancy Felicito
Donor Roll
Jill Callahan

Marcia Merz

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Here are some of the Rusty Bird Brains at Glenhurst Meadows during the 2015 WSB in May 2015.

Thank you for visiting our team page. We are happy to be participating in New Jersey Audubon's World Series of Birding (WSB).

We are raising money for the New Jersey Audubon Society by participating in the WSB on Saturday May 14, 2016. During this annual event, teams of birders travel throughout NJ within a 24 hour period to find and identify as many species as possible.  We are planning to start before dawn in the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and travel to various locations before ending the day at Sandy Hook. 

We hope you may consider supporting the birds in spirit or through a donation, but do not feel any pressure!  There are many worthy causes. If you do choose to give, you can donate to one of us directly or though this web page for your convenience.  You can pledge a fixed amount or pledge a certain amount per species.  We expect to see between 110-140 species.

Here is the mission statement for NJA:

New Jersey Audubonís mission is threefold: to foster environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among citizens; protect New Jersey's birds, mammals, other animals, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promote the preservation of natural habitats.

Here we are at our "Finish Line" for the 2015 World Series of Birding where a bewildered CVS cashier kindly took this photo of us. We were all a bit blurry at the end of the day!!!

Juvenile Coopers Hawks like this one need your support! This photo was taken in East Brunswick during the past winter.

Red-headed Woodpecker (RHWO) numbers are on the rise in NJ, but they are still on the state threatened species list. This photo is of an immature RHWO taken in January 2016 in an East Brunswick, NJ park. He has a bit of an ugly duckling look here, but when last seen his full red head has developed and he looks beautiful. Your help may give him a brighter future!

This Common Egret was quite approachable last summer. This photo was taken alongside a large pond in Middlesex County.

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