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The New Jersey Young Birders Club Millennial Falcons Team Page
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$2,395 raised so far,   $605 to go!

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Team Members
Andrew Marden
Jack McDonough
Joseph Hernandez
Justin Lee
Michael Turso
Silas Hernandez
Donor Roll
Cape May-Lewes Ferry

David & Patricia Lee

Eugene Ruvere

Karen Marden

Holly Merker

Christopher Takacs

Anonymous 1

Gretchen Whitman

Tom Reed

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If there is going to be a year for us to have a breakout, it's going to be 2016! We've lost some members due to age, but we gained Joe and Silas Hernandez, two invaluable assets to our team.

Joe Hernandez and Michael Turso

We are currently at 6 members and have known each other for over a year and we know that our team has really good chemistry together. Each of us brings something different to the table when we're in the field. Jack McDonough is the youngest of the group and is our shorebird expert. Justin Lee has an eagle eye and can pick out birds that are way in the distance. Mike, Joe, and Silas have all been birding for so long that their knowledge of birds and birding is always contributing to the team. I do well with birding by ear. These characteristics all combine to form the well-rounded team that we really hope to be.

Andrew Marden and Jack McDonough

The first thing we did this year was change our name to The Millennial Falcons because we're millennials, that's the coolest spaceship ever, and it's named after a bird!

The next thing we did was collaborate to create our own route for the day throughout South Jersey to try to maximize the number of species we will see, mostly in Cape May County. We all have had input as to where we're going on that day in some way or another, and the route looks really good so far! We hope our route will get us the highest number of species possible. We're also going to start scouting in the days before the World Series a little bit more this year to help improve our knowledge of where certain species are. This can really help us with adding tougher species and saving time on the Big Day. We're all super excited, and we have reason to believe that this could be our best year yet! We're shooting for a high target of 145 species, and if things go well enough then that just might happen! It will all come down to the day itself, but no matter what we know we're all going to have a blast doing this once again.

We are all very grateful to New Jersey Audubon and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry for making this team happen, we love participating on this team every year!

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