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Raccoon Ridge Raptors Team Page
Team Members
Steve Bagen
Maura Griffin
Scott Wood
Donor Roll
Stephen Bagen

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The calendar says it's early May, and you know what that means...it's almost time for The Raccoon Ridge Raptors to make their appearance at this year's World Series of Birding!

The big event will be held on Saturday May 14th, from midnight to midnight, and as usual your beloved Raptors will be cruising Old Mine Road in the Delaware Water Gap on our bikes (as well as on foot) in pursuit of avian treasure and a respectable finish in the Carbon Footprint Cup division of this prestigious event. As you probably already know, this division is open only to teams willing to forgo the use of any and all motorized forms of transportation. This year there are three Raptors, Maura Griffin, Scott Wood, and yours truly, Steve Bagen...

As always we are raising money for The Raptor Trust (a link to their website appears below)...friends of The Raccoon Ridge Raptors have always been very generous to them of course, but we would like to make a special plea this year on behalf of The Trust. They had another challenging winter - for the same reasons that all of us had a difficult winter - but for the Trust that means being called out in all kinds of unspeakable weather conditions to rescue all kinds of birds in all kinds of predicaments. And of course bird-breeding season is just around the corner, when calls to rescue and rehabilitate baby birds always reach epidemic proportions (while "deliveries" to the Trust of injured parents and other feathered family members continue unabated)!

All you have to do, if you haven't already done so, is to send us an EMAIL PRIOR to the event mentioning what you would like to pledge to The Raptor Trust. You can make a $ PLEDGE PER SPECIES seen or heard by the team on May 14th, or alternatively pledge a FIXED $ AMOUNT - while keeping in mind that if there is inclement weather on May 14th, we won't be able to get anywhere near our traditional target of 100 species, since well strictly be either on foot or on our bikes, in other words we're out there completely exposed to all the elements! And you don't even have to MAIL in your checks just yet, we usually collect the money in the weeks following the event. And dont worry, well be in touch when its time to pay (and keep in mind that all contributions to The Raptor Trust are fully tax-deductible)!

***Please email details of your pledge to:


***For more information about The Raptor Trust:


Thank you for supporting The Raccoon Ridge Raptors!

Ever wonder what The Raptors get up to at midnight, when the World Series of Birding is over? Do we fall asleep? Do we keep birding? Do we ride our bikes some more? This photo might answer that question...

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